Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Abolitionists Radio Weekly 5/7/2014

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• AG Erik Holder announces The Department of Justice will begin collecting law-enforcement data on stops, searches and arrests made in some U.S. cities to evaluate racial discrimination. • A Congressman gets inspired by the kids for cash movie and finds out the U.S. Sends 2 Million Kids to Prison Every Year. He wants immediate change but lacks the support. • 3 times in 3 cities in 3 years Cops have Claimed a young man Shot Himself in the Head While Handcuffed in Back Seat of Patrol Car. We’ll tell you the names. • Meet Sean Attwood. The 6 foot 5 Christian prisoner who protects inmates from rapists. We’ll share the story. • Tennessee Enacts Laws To Incarcerate Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs. • We share the results for Abolitionist Ajabu Amoja’s run for congress in Indiana. • In our state by state examination this week we review the Illinois state constitution for slavery language. • Our abolitionists in profile will be Thomas Jennings 1791 -1856

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