Thursday, August 27, 2015

Abolishing Private Prisons

Tune in for two hours of news, information and commentary. Today's Topics: • Ferguson’s new municipal court judge, Judge Donald McCullin, issued an order Monday to withdraw all arrest warrants issued before the end of last year saying he is “continue the process of restoring confidence in the Court” yea right. Let’s talk about that. • More than a dozen once-profitable private prisons in Texas have failed, including one this month in South Texas. Let’s check the details and find out what is going on in Texas. • Philadelphia police officer Matthew Zagursky is being accused of extortion after a video surfaced online that shows him forcing a driver to buy tickets to a fundraiser - or else. • Last week in Sumpter, Sc I went to see Bernie Sanders speak on abolishing private prisons and spoke with his team there. We’ll listen to what I heard and discuss it here on New Abolitionist Radio. • Speaking of Senator Sanders, Today on New Abolitionists Radio the America is #Ferguson series continues. There is no rule making us do each state in alphabetical order. So let's break the pattern and go with what's relevant. Today the senators home state of VERMONT is #Ferguson. • This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is 32-year-old John Grega of Vermont. In December 1994, Grega was arrested and charged with aggravated murder and aggravated sexual assault. After DNA evidence found him innocent He was released on bond on August 22, 2012. And then it got worse… we’ll tell his story. • Our Abolitionist in profile is Vermont’s U.S. Sen. William Upham. (August 5, 1792 – January 14, 1853)

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Devilish Liars

At New Abolitionists Radio we've uncovered a nest of evil liar breeding dragons called "the narratives". A wicked bunch of reptilians indeed. So tonight we pull our swords of truth out and start fact hacking them to pieces. • False narratives like “you can fight it in court”, “black on black crime is an epidemic”, “we’re in a post racial society” and “Don’t commit a crime and you won’t go to prison.”• Tonight the America is ‪#‎Ferguson‬ series continues. We've reached Massachusetts and will put it under the abolitionist microscope. • This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is CHRISTOPHER ABERNATHY. On January 15, 1987, a jury convicted Abernathy of first-degree murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and armed robbery. Because he was 17 at the time of the crime, Abernathy was not eligible for the death penalty. Instead, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. After DNA testing and 30 years imprisonment, On February 11, 2015 Christopher walked away a free man. • Our Abolitionist in profile is William C. Nell (1816-1874) Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A former prison guards perspective on the prison plantation

Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio we are joined by former prison guard and military veteran Thomas Sanders. Two weeks ago Thomas briefly explained how things go down from a 1st hand witness’s perspective. Last week a power outage forced us to reschedule his return. Don’t miss his interview tonight. • Top prison enslavers and profiteers CCA and GEO group have had a recent quarterly earnings report. Often hearing their reports is like listening to a promise of what new efforts to incarcerate and monitor the population is on the enslavers agendas. Yohanan listened closely and we’ll give you the breakdown. • A new report from the Washington Post shows how the most poorest and crime ridden communities are as lucrative as a condos in the Hamptons. We’ll explain how mass incarceration creates ‘million dollar blocks’ in poor neighborhoods. • On the 1 year anniversary of the #Ferguson rebellion the city is once again in a state of emergency with multiple shootings, deaths and heavily armed possibly racist militias roaming the streets. Over 100 arrests are reported including notable names like Cornel West and leading journalist. Activists have even shut down a major highway as they demand justice and freedom from oppression & tyranny. • In our #Ferguson is America series, today we zoom in on the state of Maryland. We're looking at patterns and practices of institutional racism statewide. Fiscal relationships to private, state and federal prisons. Population disparities represented in prisons and jail. Budgets and expenditures. Police forces, business ownership and more. • This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Anthony Ray Hinton, 58, who spent half his life on Alabama’s death row, sentenced to die for two 1985 murders that for decades he insisted he did not commit. • Over 28 years, the outside world changed while Hinton spent his days largely in a 5ft by 8ft prison cell. Children grew up. His mother died. His hair turned gray. Inmates he knew were escorted off to the electric chair or the lethal-injection gurney. He was set free on this April after new ballistics tests contradicted the only evidence – an analysis of crime-scene bullets – that connected Hinton to the slayings. •Our Abolitionist in profile is Anthony Bowen (1805-1872) Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cops and the horrors of legalized neo slave catching

Tune in for two hours of news, information and commentary on 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking

• Tremaine Wilbourn turned himself in after a fatal encounter with Memphis police. He’s already been tried and convicted by the police chief and the media yet no one has seen the dash cam video. His bail is 10 times that of Dyllan Roof who massacred 9 people in Charleston, SC this past June.

• United Auto Workers Local 2865, the union representing 13,000 teaching assistants and other student workers throughout the University of California, called on the AFL-CIO to end its affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) in a resolution passed by its governing body on July 25. We’ll tell you why abolitionists should support this idea.

• On the heels of a public apology in June by Whole Foods CEOs over allegations that the store overcharges customers for seafood, produce, and other goods weighed by the pound, the grocery chain is now under fire for its use of cheap prison slave labor to produce some of those goods in a central Colorado prison complex where inmates are paid as little as 74 cents a day for the goods and services made at CCI. Dennis Dunsmoor, director of the program says CCI makes about $64 million a year, and employs about 2,000 inmate slave laborers.

• Attorney generals across America are facing serious criminal charges. So what happens when a state’s top cop is corrupt? You call it tomato, we call it reasons for RICO charges and we’ll explain why tonight.

• In our ‪#‎Ferguson‬ is America series, today we focus on Maine. Where private prison company CCA just spent $25,000 on behalf of Republican candidate Paul LePage, A man that is now Maine’s newly-elected governor. State law forbids putting Maine prisoners in a for-profit prison. So instead the governor is looking to use human trafficking tactics by sending Maine prisoners to the company’s prisons outside of Maine.

• This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Everton Wagstaffe. After nearly 23 years behind bars, and an even longer legal battle to prove his innocence, he is finally free. Everton Wagstaffe was declared innocent July 2015 of kidnapping, sexual assault and murder

• Our Abolitionist in profile is Samuel Burris.

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