Thursday, December 11, 2014

NYPD slave catcher taken off the streets for drug trafficking

New Abolitionists Radio seeks to educate the public and agitate for an end to 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking in the USA & Globally. It is an extension of the group Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery

In today's abolitionists news, An NYPD officer who two years ago won a "Police Officer of the Year" award got busted in a reverse sting operation organized by the Sunrise City Police Department.
Have you ever wondered just how much your state government is profiting off of 13th Amendment slavery? Unfortunately, we have another case of proxy racism where a Black person has been found to be among those in Tennessee engaging in modern slavery where a state run prison is being closed to make way for a CCA owned for-profit prison.

The US government is shielding government employees and officials from being held criminally accountable for the very serious federal crime of torture not to mention these are gross violations of the UN Convention Against Torture and Inhumane Degrading Treatment. However, why are the details so shocking to some when the same human rights violations and worse are committed against prisoners daily in prisons across America?

Our state profile in slavery will be Virginia. Our abolitionist in profile will be Peter Williams Jr.


  1. Bro Scotty, I am a recent listener and new subscriber to NAR. I am conscious of the many battles that have been ongoing and appreciate the Black Talk Radio forum for shedding the needed light. Mass incarceration is but one of the many ills that plague the black communities and I feel ties in directly with homosexuality, overt feminism and fatherless children in our culture. My concern however is in what appears to be the lack of organization in the current movement. I heard one of your co-host mention that during your 12-17-14 broadcast and unfortunately not much onus seemed to have been placed on this dire topic. My hope and prayer is that this movement will not die on the vine. Wandering in the wilderness for another 400 years will not bring about the change we so desperately need right now and fighting this battle on too many fronts, I believe, only serve to dilute our efforts. Black people need a strategy and as part of the needed organization I believe we must be able to prioritize. For example, "the 4-state solution" you advocate, ties in directly with your recent discussion on "land trust". We need not “major in the minors” or get side-tracked on menial issues, BLACK PEOPLE NEED A PLAN! so who are the planners? We need to focus our attention on what should come first. As I stated in my opening remarks, I like so many others are aware, but being socially conscious is not enough. I have been listening and trying to mobilize efforts here in SoCal, but I need help structuring talking points. How can I bring together our black elders in Oakland, community and religious leaders in San Diego? How can I decipher what is the most important issue facing black people in America today and how can that message prompt the correct response required to continue the fight. Planners need to come up with a plan so that real substantive change can be realized.
    Another important topic I believe is relevant in this day and age is personal protection. Several articles have posted recently regarding open-carry provisions in black communities that I felt were both eye-opening and thought provoking. I have included a link (see below) to one of the posts and hope that you and your co-hosts would shed some light on this topic.,
    In Solidarity,
    Bro Charles Brown

    1. Thanks for listening and the support for our programming. I do not have the answers and just trying to come up with a solution. I honestly feel we must nation build together as people if we want freedom from the day to day oppression we face as people. You are more than welcome to come on a program and hash out your concerns so we can think tank on it. I do have some comrades out your way that are with Black Autonomy Federation. Look up Sis Sherrelle Diggs on Facebook. My email is to contact me about coming on one of the programs.