Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wells Fargo's continued role in Slavery & Human Trafficking w/ Kenneth Kabbal

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Kenneth Kabbal joins us on tonight's broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio. He is the founder of and a outspoken multimedia journalist with an ongoing mission to address "Class Domestication" and "Social Mind-Lock".

Kenneth is a 21st Century New Abolitionists and after hearing our broadcast on the GEO Group's 2nd quarter profits, he sent us a message stating that he will make every effort to "broadcast their slave-master message" across his blog.

Kenneth has also uncovered some interesting information about Wells Fargo's role in the slave trade back in the early 1800s and they continue to do be a part of 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking.

Detroit Artist & Activist Chantay Legacy Leonard, Social Activist & Spoken Word Poet Max Parthas and Black Talk Media Project founder Scotty Reid will also share some of the latest news related to legalized human trafficking and slavery.

Tonight’s profile in past abolitionists features Amos Gerry Beman (1812-1872).

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