Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stop supporting enslavers and upholding the system of slavery

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Tonight we want to share and discuss an audio clip from a speech Michelle Alexander gave to a church in 2011. In the clip Alexander, a legal scholar who worked as an attorney for the ACLU who worked on racial profiling issues, tells of her awakening to the fact that people who were comparing the legal system today to the system of slavery that was allegedly abolished in the United States were correct in their assessments.

We also want to share news about the enslaved prisoners who are planning to go on possible hunger strikes and work stoppages at Pelican Bay State Prison in California. According to an attorney, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has already started punishing the enslaved for even thinking about a rebellion against the system of slavery in that state.

Tonight we also profile another past Abolitionist. Harriet Tubman may not be considered by some as an abolitionist but she certainly was.

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